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 Deleted answered…6mos

@8XTK7FN from Massachusetts answered…7mos

The U.S. government doesn't have any control over Ukraine's foreign policy decisions, so this is completely irrelevant to the metrics this quiz measures.

@93VBMTH from Maine answered…7mos

No, Ukraine's accession to NATO will escalate Russia-NATO relations to the brink of WW3

@92X5HLD from California answered…7mos

I think it is best for Ukraine to not join NATO but the U.S. should stay neutral on this issue.

@5Z8DMCG from Tennessee answered…7mos

No, but we should support Ukraine as much as possible short of triggering a direct war with Russia.

 @JoeStephens999 from Alaska answered…7mos

Not now, at some point in the future. When things have cooled down.

@93KW88V from California answered…8mos

No, and the Warsaw Pact should be reinstated for non NATO countries.

@924MYCK from GU answered…8mos

Yes, only if sanctions, diplomatic methods, and other options have been exhausted.

@7XLQXKR from Virginia answered…8mos

@93F4MVT from Michigan answered…8mos

@93CS3TH from Texas answered…8mos

Yes, any country that wants to join NATO and will contribute the full amount should be allowed to join and stay. Countries that do not contribute should be removed from the group.

@92NVQ27 from California answered…9mos

There is a war in their country, we have to wait to see if they can join the NATO or not.

 @92N5JGD from Ohio answered…9mos

No, I am not convinced that NATO is exactly what they say they are.

@92JCZ6T from California answered…10mos

New Zealand should leave it up to the primary NATO members to decide on Ukraine. We will remain neutral on the situation. If Ukraine joins, we will support it. If Ukraine doesn't however, we will not grovel or complain.

@89GKJJF from Washington D.C. answered…10mos

Yes, if they choose to and meet the same requirements as any other nation.

 @8P6PWZP from Louisiana answered…10mos

@74SQGHQ answered…10mos

No, while we should help Ukraine militarily by all means, the country does not meet the criteria for membership.

@92F62CG from Florida answered…10mos

 @MSelvig from Wyoming answered…10mos

They should make whatever strategic decision benefits the safety and security of the Ukrainian people and the safety of the countries involved in the negotiations.

@8RB2K9D from New York answered…10mos

@48T6V4V answered…10mos

No, and NATO should be dismantled and replaced with anti-colonial cooperative institutions

@83Y58Z2 from North Carolina answered…10mos

yes, this is the only way to ensure that Russia will not engage in future attacks on European countries.

@7JKPYRF from Indiana answered…10mos

Only if they meet the requirements and are willing to defend other nations

@89Q2P3Z from California answered…10mos

If the president believes it will benefit their country, then yes.

@4D9SF8L answered…10mos

@79X493L from Georgia answered…11mos

Not while they are still at war with Russia, and not if intelligence suggests admitting Ukraine will prompt Russia to attack again.

@8TXZ76G from Arkansas answered…11mos

I think NATO should be disbanded and each nation should look after their own nation’s interests.

@8ZVHZPZ from North Carolina answered…11mos

As I am not Ukrainian, I don't believe I can give an educated an accurate opinion on this matter.

@8ZVVCMT from Virginia answered…11mos

As we are seeing now, this would cause too many problems, and they also shouldn't join due to the United States' obligation to join in the war.

@8ZSXS6Y from Nebraska answered…11mos

Yes, as long as they fit the requirements and aren't given any loopholes.

@8ZRVN7J from Connecticut answered…11mos


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