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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated

@982P9X4from Michigan  answered…2mos

No however to prevent fake news we should try and destroy media monopolies

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…6mos

No, but government should encourage self-regulation of social media companies through increased fines when perceived and/or proven illegal content is not removed within a set period of time

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…6mos

No, but Congress should pass a law that will increase the self-regulation of social media companies through increased fines when perceived and/or proven illegal content is not removed within a set period of time

@5JJ24SW from Maryland answered…7mos

No, this becomes an opening for the government to determine what is or isn't true, but they should be financially punished for allowing rampant misinformation.

@93VVP97 from New York answered…7mos

@7J7L92W from California answered…7mos

Yes, users of social media are free to share what they please, but anyone who is, advertises themselves as, or comes across to a reasonable person as a news organization should have a legal obligation to tell the truth. Additionally, where the truth is not known, it should be illegal for such organizations to make things up, but rather these organizations should have to wait before making more informed judgements. This would diminish the capability of users to share fake news as the fake news would not exist, as opposed to simply not be shared.

@93MT5DD from Florida answered…7mos

The government should punish social media companies that censor information and viewpoints that are not direct calls to violence ,explicit violent threats, or obscenity

@93CCRPH from Illinois answered…7mos

An entity separate from government or social media should determine fake or misleading news and social media companies should be required to provide a warning/disclaimer on posts containing false or misleading information

@Panagioti999 from Michigan answered…8mos

All social media should be nationalised and treated as public space.

 @92N5JGD from Ohio answered…9mos

no, but require them to label information in 3 terms. Fact, opinion, and report. All "fact" stories, must have 3 sources to refer to with up to 2% of descriptive adjectives allowed. All "report" stories are to be understood as to be too new to cite sources and with the disclaimer that it may or may not be untrue. All opinion pieces must be pro dominantly labeled as such. This includes all media - paper, video, and live events. This is for audience reference ONLY!!

@92GWJXX from Georgia answered…10mos

@926DQTR from Missouri answered…10mos

@ThomasJ249 from Georgia answered…11mos

@8ZVHZPZ from North Carolina answered…11mos

No, but it should be required to be taught about how to tell the difference in real and fake news.

 @8ZH59GG from Washington answered…11mos

@8YTFHF4 from Minnesota answered…12mos

Yes, But only to prevent them from silencing anyone. (The language of this question is biased)

@ThomasJJ99 from Georgia answered…12mos

The news should on be factual. Fake news should come with warnings.

 Deleted answered…12mos

Hold them liable for negligence, and ban online targeted advertising.

@ThomasJj88 from Georgia answered…12mos

The news should only be factual. Fake news should have warnings attached.

 Deleted answered…1yr

For the news it should only be factual. For social media there should be warnings for fake news.

@chrisstone5 from Ohio answered…1yr

The government should regulate social media, but not to prevent fake news and misinformation.

@8YN5FVP from Colorado answered…1yr

No, but major social media companies should be nationalized and treated like the commons.

@8YKV3LM from Hawaii answered…1yr

they should look into the news before imediatly shutting it down.

@8Y9796Q from Michigan answered…1yr

it needs regulation so we can find true source information, but is the government going to regulate it as they want it?

@8PQF35J from Maine answered…1yr

Yes, but there need to be rules limiting the government's control in this area. The government should regulate, take down fake (specifically counterfactual) news that defames someone or causes physical harm (misinformation about a pandemic, for instance), and, if the publisher refuses to correct the factual inaccuracies, issue fines.

 @75YJY9V from Texas answered…1yr

No, but there should be an elected board independent from the government and news corporations that scrupulously judges the validity of major news sources

@88NZKDZ from New York answered…1yr

Yes, but not by the government. This should be done by an independent fact-checking cooperative.

@8Y3YHH8 from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, the government should break up the companies to reduce their influence.

@4ST2ZSS answered…1yr

@8XTW3QC from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

Yes, only with instances where fake news and misinformation threaten national security

@8XPV4DF from South Carolina answered…1yr

@8XQCD4Q from Washington answered…1yr

No, social media sites should be treated as public forums and follow the tenants of the First Amendment, even if they are not currently required to.

@8XP9DG5 from Oklahoma answered…1yr

@scottlee answered…1yr

No, unless the social media content in question is sourced from terrorism or other national security threats

@ThomasJ1331 from Georgia answered…1yr

@8XDYP8P from Minnesota answered…1yr

Only if they are spreading false information that can cause chaos.

@tomjolly66 from Georgia answered…1yr

Facts only for the news. Warnings should be placed on misinformation.

@8XD66GW from Texas answered…1yr

yes but only for fake news and misinfo and not to influence anyone should be used to help others what they could help them out.

 Deleted answered…1yr


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