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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s policies on economic issues

These issues below are sorted in descending order based on how important the average French [people] voter ranked them on the quiz.


the Economy  ›  Government Spending

Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?

  Party’s support baseYes, but by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials

the Economy  ›  Minimum Wage

Should the government raise the national minimum wage?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, and adjust it every year according to inflation

the Economy  ›  Welfare

Should there be fewer or more restrictions on current welfare benefits?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseMore, and deny benefits to immigrants

the Economy  ›  Solidarity Tax

Should the solidarity tax on wealth be abolished?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Economy  ›  Universal Wage

Should France implement a universal wage?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Economy  ›  Corporate Tax

Should France raise or lower the tax rate for corporations?

  Party’s support baseLower

the Economy  ›  Farm Subsidies

Should the EU subsidize farmers?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but only small local farms instead of large corporations

the Economy  ›  Labor Unions

Do you believe labor unions help or hurt the economy?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseHelp, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited

the Economy  ›  Work Law

Should the Work Law be repealed?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Economy  ›  Welfare Drug Testing

Should welfare recipients be tested for drugs?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Economy  ›  Tech Monopolies

Should the government break up Amazon, Facebook and Google?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo