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Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s Policies



Foreign Policy  ›  European Union

Should France withdraw from the European Union?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, but renegotiate for strict limits on migration into the country and the terms of our monetary contributions

Social  ›  Niqāb

Should women be allowed to wear a Niqāb, or face veil, to civic ceremonies?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Social  ›  Death Penalty

Do you support the death penalty?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Economy  ›  Government Spending

Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?

  Party’s support baseYes

Immigration  ›  Deporting Criminal Immigrants

Should immigrants be deported if they commit a serious crime?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Environment  ›  Genetically Modified Foods

Do you support the use of genetically engineered crops and foods?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Social  ›  LGBT Adoption Rights

Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Flag Burning

Should it be illegal to burn the French flag?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, and it should be illegal to burn any nation’s flag

National Security  ›  Terrorism Surveillance

Should the government arrest all people who are under surveillance for suspected terrorism (S-files)?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Gay Marriage

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Environment  ›  Plastic Product Ban

Should disposable products (such as plastic cups, plates, and cutlery) that contain less than 50% of biodegradable material be banned?

  Party’s support baseYes

Immigration  ›  Muslim Immigrants

Should Muslim immigrants be banned from entering the country until the government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Healthcare  ›  Healthcare Privatization

Should there be more or less privatization of hospital and healthcare services?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseLess, and there should be no privatization of the healthcare industry

Elections  ›  Right of Foreigners to Vote

Should foreigners, currently residing in France, have the right to vote?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Science  ›  Nuclear Energy

Do you support the use of nuclear energy?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, temporarily while we increase investment into cleaner renewable alternatives

Immigration  ›  EU Migrant Quota

Should the EU impose a quota of migrants per country?

  Party’s support baseNo

Science  ›  Mandatory Vaccinations

Should the government require children to be vaccinated for preventable diseases?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but only for deadly contagious diseases

the Economy  ›  Minimum Wage

Should the government raise the national minimum wage?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, and make it a living wage

Foreign Policy  ›  United States of Europe

Should the EU evolve into the United States of Europe?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Environment  ›  Fracking

Do you support the use of hydraulic fracking to extract oil and natural gas resources?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, we should pursue more sustainable energy resources instead

Domestic Policy  ›  Foreigner Mosque Funding

Should foreigners be banned from funding mosques in France?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Assisted Reproductive Technology

Should assisted reproductive technology be allowed for lesbian couples?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

National Security  ›  Foreign Assassination

Should France assassinate suspected terrorists in foreign countries?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Gender Workplace Diversity

Should businesses be required to have women on their board of directors?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, board members should be the most qualified regardless of gender

the Economy  ›  Corporate Tax

Should France raise or lower the tax rate for corporations?

  Party’s support baseLower

Elections  ›  Elected Representatives

Should the number of elected representatives be reduced?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, and reduce their salaries and retirement benefits

the Economy  ›  Solidarity Tax

Should the solidarity tax on wealth be abolished?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Mandatory Military Service

Should every 18 year old citizen be required to provide at least one year of military service?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Transportation  ›  Public Transportation

Should the government increase spending on public transportation?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions

Social  ›  Animal Rights

Should the government ban cultural ceremonies that involve the killing of animals for entertainment?

  Party’s support baseYes

Elections  ›  Minimum Voting Age

Should the minimum voting age be lowered?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Crime  ›  Drug Trafficking Penalties

Should drug traffickers receive the death penalty?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, sentence them to life in prison without parole instead

Healthcare  ›  Mental Health

Should the government increase funding for mental health research and treatment?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but only increase funding for personalized care instead of subsidizing pharmaceutical companies

the Economy  ›  Universal Wage

Should France implement a universal wage?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  EU Army

Do you support the creation of a European Army?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Government Surveillance

Should the government be able to monitor phone calls and emails?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Domestic Policy  ›  Drug Policy

Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana

Foreign Policy  ›  Colonization of Algeria

Was France’s colonization of Algeria a crime against humanity?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Crime  ›  Criminal Voting Rights

Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  NATO

Should France remain in NATO?

  Party’s support baseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Kurd

Should France support the Kurds in establishing their own territory?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Economy  ›  Farm Subsidies

Should the EU subsidize farmers?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Crime  ›  Private Prisons

Should the government hire private companies to run prisons?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, private prisons will sacrifice quality of care and rehabilitation services for profit

National Security  ›  De-radicalization Center

Should people under surveillance (S-Files) be sent to de-radicalization centers?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  European Commission

Should the European Commission be dismantled?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Elections  ›  Political Party Subsidies

Should political parties receive money from the government?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, funding should come from their members

the Environment  ›  Animal Testing

Should researchers be allowed to use animals in testing the safety of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and cosmetics?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but not for cosmetics

Immigration  ›  Skilled Immigrants

Should France increase or decrease the amount of temporary work visas given to high-skilled immigrant workers?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseDecrease

Healthcare  ›  Marijuana

Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Healthcare  ›  Safe Haven

Should cities open drug “safe havens” where people who are addicted to illegal drugs can use them under the supervision of medical professionals?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Military Spending

Should France increase or decrease military spending?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseIncrease

Domestic Policy  ›  Article 49.3

Should article 49.3 be removed from the Constitution?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  Central EU Agency

Should intelligence agencies be merged to create a central EU agency?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Foreign Policy  ›  Post Brexit UK

Should the UK be allowed to access European Markets once they leave the EU?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Elections  ›  Candidate Transparency

Should political candidates be required to release their recent tax returns to the public?

  Party’s support baseYes

Immigration  ›  Solidarity Offence

Should the solidarity offence be decriminalized?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Immigration  ›  Migrant Children

Should the children of migrants who live in French territories be allowed to join their families?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

the Economy  ›  Work Law

Should the Work Law be repealed?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Environment  ›  Corporate Subsidies

Should cities be allowed to offer private companies economic incentives to relocate?

  Party’s support baseNo

the Economy  ›  Universal Basic Income

Do you support a universal basic income program?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

Crime  ›  Prison Overcrowding

Should non-violent prisoners be released from jail in order to reduce overcrowding?

  Party’s support baseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Whistleblower Protection

Should the government pass laws which protect whistleblowers?

  Party’s support baseYes, but only if releasing the information does not threaten our national security

Foreign Policy  ›  European Union Countries

Should the number of countries in the European Union be reduced to 15?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes, but I would prefer to abolish the European Union

Transportation  ›  Notre-Dame-des-Landes Airport

Should the government stop construction on the Notre-Dame-des-Landes’ airport?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo, but there needs to be more consideration for the environment when building this airport

Social  ›  Transgender Athletes

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in athletic events?

  Party’s support baseNo

National Security  ›  Le Touquet Accord

Should the government renegotiate the Le Touquet accord?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes

Foreign Policy  ›  EU Authoritarian Sanctions

Should the EU sanction member countries with authoritarian governments?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseNo

the Economy  ›  Welfare Drug Testing

Should welfare recipients be tested for drugs?

  Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voterbaseYes